Teaching Your Child To Shine

Welcome to Avondale College Early Childhood Education Centre

Avondale College Early Childcare Centre is a not-for-profit child care centre located in the grounds of Avondale College. We provide quality care for children aged from 3 months to 5 years.

Being a small childcare centre with a maximum of 33 children enables us to meet their individual needs and create a close family environment where relationships are nurtured and valued.

To support this we maintain higher staff ratios than the Ministry of Education requirements and many other childcare centres.  For the babies and under 2 year olds we have a ratio of 1:3 and for the over 2 year olds we have a ratio of 1:7. 20 hours subsidy offered for 3 to 4 year olds.

Our child care centre provides care for children of families from our local and surrounding community as well as for staff working at Avondale College.

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Our Friendly Staff

We highly value our excellent teaching staff who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the Childcare Centre. Our dedicated staff hold full registration and ECEC qualifications and have worked with us for many years. This creates a secure environment where long lasting relationships are formed with our children, families and community. Our staff, through our values and vision, implement the principles of the National Curriculum and Te Whaariki, providing parents with regular updates through their children’s individual learning portfolios.

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Community & Environment

Our Avondale Child Care Centre is a multicultural community, centrally located and within the safety of the College grounds.  The purpose built Centre provides a stimulating environment with plenty of space for exploration and learning.  The large outdoor space is well utilised and provides wonderful opportunities for engaging in physical activity and challenges.  We celebrate being part of our local community by taking regular excursions and engaging in local events.


As we are a not-for-profit community based Centre, all profits generated are invested back into the Centre for resources, equipment, staff professional development and training.  We are supported by the College and run by a parent committee who meet monthly.  The committee comprises of the service provider who is also the Business Manager at Avondale College, the Centre Manager, and parents with all parents welcome to join and participate.  [The represented leadership are wholly concerned with providing quality early childhood education.]