Teaching Your Child To Shine

Our Education & Learning Program

3 months – 2 years of Age:

In the Under Two area we cater for babies from 3 months to 2 years. We have a roll of 9 babies and have three staff working with this age group. Our babies have the opportunity to be active explorers of their environment and are provided with a wide variety of tactile and sensory play experiences in keeping with their developmental needs.

From 2 years of Age:

In the Over Two area, the children are engaged in many indoor and outdoor activities which include creative and dramatic play, music and movement, arts and crafts, play dough, water-play, messy play and sand play. We have a well equipped outdoor area where children get involved in gross motor development activities.

Pre-School Age:

The teachers have been using group time to offer tamariki experiences in literacy, numeracy and to foster respect, responsibility and co-operation. Through these experiences the teachers support children to develop social competencies linking Te Whaariki’s (ECE Curriculum) strands with the New Zealand Curriculum’s (Primary School) key competencies.

  • Te Whaariki – Exploration links to the Primary school – Key competency of thinking
  • Te Whaariki – Communication links to the Primary school – Key competency of using language, symbols and texts.
  • Te Whaariki – Contribution links to the Primary school – Key competency of relating to others.
  • Te Whaariki – Belonging links to the Primary school – Key competency of participating and contributing.
  • Te Whaariki – Well-being links to the Primary school – Key competency of managing self.

Educational Programme

The tamariki are provided with opportunities “to grow up as confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valuable contribution to society”  (Te Whaariki) and the teaching and learning passions spring from here.

Respect and understanding that every child has a place to grow, learn and shine.

Respect that every child is unique and that they make a valued contribution to the centre.

Enable tamariki to understand the significance of tangata whenua by providing resources and experiences which enhance this learning.

Celebrate and praise tamariki for their efforts, so they are respected  and accepted and their mauri thrives.

Encourage tamariki to celebrate  themselves, be proud and happy in  what they do, and allow them their own space to contemplate and ponder their own needs and successes.