Teaching Your Child To Shine


Centre policies are reviewed annually, and, as and when required, by parents and staff before being approved by the committee.



Curriculum and assessment practices at the centre encompass the learning and development of the whole child and the practices of adults providing education and care is consistent with current theory and informed by assessment, planning and evaluation. Adult interactions are positive, responsive and reciprocal.

The curriculum is consistent  with Te whaariki the Early Childhood Curriculum.

The planning story format which consists of the following steps is used :

*  How did it start ?

*  How was this interest sustained ?

*  What surprised us ?

*  What shifts in practice and in our thinking have taken place ?

*  What does this tell us about effective teaching ?

*  What have the children learnt ?

*  What does this tell us about children’s interests, exploration etc. ?

As the journey continues, adding documentation about the teachers’ intentions.

*  How can we sustain and extend this interest ?

*  How will we add more complexity ?

Individual learning stories pertaining to the planning cycle are recorded on children’s  portfolios.

Parents are given opportunity to work in partnership with  teachers to make learning more meaningful for their children.

Staff are given the opportunity to consistently keep up with current procedures and practices of assessment by engaging in quality professional development.

(Reviewed in April 2013)

Parent voice during the review process :

“As always, the policy reflects the love, care and professionalism we so admire” Toni Foley

“Love the planning story format ”  Cath Martin

“Looks good” Hannah Eyre