Teaching Your Child To Shine

Our Vision & Philosophy

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide high quality care abnd education, in a friendly, accepting and supportive education environment where all children, whanau and staff are valued and respected.

We aspire for tamariki to be –

                                   happy, confident, kind, respectful explorers.


Our Philosophy

The centre prides itself on creating a home away from home for the tamariki of the centre. This feeling of warmth, and the family atmosphere is further enhanced by an open door policy  where all family and whanau have a place and are respected for who they are,  and their contribution. The small number of tamariki that comprise the centre enable tamariki, kaiako, parents, staff and whanau to build and strengthen positive relationships. All the staff make it a personal and group responsibility to be committed to the children’s well being by advocating and supporting their learning and development.

We believe in creating a happy, safe and healthy environment for all our children, their families and whanau, and our staff.

Through respect, recognition and positive reinforcement we will nurture the self esteem of all the children.

We work in partnership with our parents and strive to build positive and effective relationships acknowledging that parents are the most important teachers in their children’s journey.

Our centre whanau provides care with responsive and consistant relationships.  These are based on aroha, and are supported by the tuakana/teina bonds that our mixed age group provide.

We provide a collaborative learning environment and stive to extend children’s thinking and action through sensitive communication, positive guidance and support.

We value and respect the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand and we celebrate the cultural diversity of all our children and staff.